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Journey into the magical worlds of Shadows and Fate. From enemies-to-lovers, to fated mates and shifters, you’ll indulge in fantasies that will sweep you off your feet.

Join your favorite New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors K.N. Lee, May Sage writing as Alexi Blake, LJ Swallow, J.E. Taylor, Jessica M. Butler, Jessica Cage, Melle Amade, Tina Glasneck, Victoria DeLuis, Rhaine Storm, Nicole Zoltack on an epic adventure!

Guardian of the Sea by K.N. Lee:
A mermaid in disguise. A soul-stealing pirate on a mission. Two worlds destined to collide.
Siddhe is a Sea-Knight who left her kingdom of the sea folk to hunt down an infamous wizard pirate, but when he walks into her tavern she discovers two shocking truths. There is an undeniable attraction between the two…and he’s also been hunting her.

Spiders and Silk, May Sage as Alexi Blake:
Taken as part of a tithe to the fae high king, Lena, princess of Saur, lost the future she’d resigned herself to. The creature who claimed her considers her his pet, and to survive the cruel, unfamiliar world she was thrust into, she’ll have to play the part, or suffer the consequences.

Pack Magic by JE Taylor:
Rejected because she’s not a purebred, Erica Young must fight to the death for the title of alpha.
Logan Blaez is more than willing to challenge Erica for the position. That is, until he lays eyes on her. Now he wants to claim Erica as his mate and rule as her alpha.
Too bad Erica isn’t willing to submit.

Escaping Red Eye by Jessica M. Butler:
She’s a human scientist on a dangerous quest at the bottom of one of the most vicious biomes in the world.
He’s the shifter determined to save her, unaware that she’s his mate until it’s almost too late and they’re both trapped at the bottom of Dry Deep.

The Fae King’s Prize by LJ Swallow
I’ve safely visited these woods for years. Today I wish I’d stayed away and never spoken to the stranger. A man who claims he owns the land charms me into joining him and a friend for the evening, but when I wake up in faerie, I discover the truth. They’re fae kings who enjoy toying with humans, and I’m the prize.

The Flame Within by Victoria DeLuis:
Twelve Chosen. One Dragon. No Choice.
Seren never doubted her path, never questioned her destiny, until the day she met Trilian…

Marked by the Gods by Tina Glasneck:
A Norse god questions his existence. Deadly repercussions follow.

Forbidden Love by Rhaine Storm:
Two shifters, one wolf the other a dragon. Neither allowed to mate with humans. One human girl who loves them both.

A Lady’s Wolf by Nicole Zoltack:
Leonard Buckingham is not just the Duke of Whitehampton. He is a werewolf. Finding love isn’t easy, but when he discovers that someone has killed a human with their claws, Leonard might not only have a war with his heart to contend with. He’ll have to work to ensure a war doesn’t start between werewolves and humans.

And, To Aid a Wolf by Jessica Cage, and Dragon’s Treasure by Melle Amade.

Grab your copy of this epic fantasy romance anthology today!

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