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The Dragon Born Saga

Rowen had a mission; travel far away to the dragon kingdom, make the crown prince fall in love with her, and take the throne.

But, the dragon prince has plans of his own for her…

Dragons rule in Draconia, and young half-blood Rowan was sent to serve the princess by her ruthless step-father with a devious plan. While the two princes of the dragon court vie for her affection, Rowen desperately attempts to hide her mystical abilities. But, when a twist of fate leaves her a wanted fugitive, her only chance at survival comes in the form of an infamous soul-stealing pirate.

It will take Rowan and Elian and his crew to team up to discover the truth of their paths, and the power that can shift time, life, and the fate of the world.

Half-blood dragon, Rowen is on the run. Convicted of a murder she didn’t commit, a last-minute surprise rescue from the gallows by the notorious pirate Elian Westin should have brought her a measure of freedom, if not peace. Instead, Rowen has more enemies than ever…and more questions. The royal navy of Withrae is on her heels to bring her to justice, and her erstwhile savior Captain Westin wants her back because he believes she is the key to finding the legendary Red Dragon, a creature so powerful that it can change the course of time.

Hunted by dragon shifters who despise her and feared by humans who don’t understand her, Rowen must unravel old mysteries in order to outsmart new adversaries. She can only hope that her new, uncontrollable magical abilities don’t get her killed before she can confront the man who set all of this in motion…

…a man who hates her but will do anything to save her life.

A dragon on the run. A pirate seeking revenge. A mermaid thirsty for blood.

The epic coming of age adventure is just beginning.

The world’s fate rests on the shoulders of one half-blood Dragon. Taken by the infamous Red Dragon, Rowen now finds herself without hope, a plan for escape, or her memory.

Ancient secrets are revealed during her captivity, and a strange black Dragon risks his life to save her. When he finds himself injured and also kept in the Red Dragon’s lair, the two of them must find a way to survive. Captain Elian Westin and what remains of his crew make the journey to Withrae where a war is brewing.

Dragons versus humans.

Which side will they choose?

The lines are set. Wizards versus Dragons, and as queen of Withrae, Rowen finds herself faced with the fate of the kingdom in her hands. Her crown binds her to the palace, even someone she loves dearly is kidnapped by the Trinity brothers who rule in the southern islands of the human realm. She must find a way to protect her family without abandoning her duties.

There’s one young man who can help her, the scribe who once worked for her father.

Together, they hatch a plan to stop the war, protect both the humans and the Dragons, and prevent the prophecy Rowen has always dreamed would come true.

The end of the world.

As a curse plagues all of Draconia, preventing its people from shifting in their Dragon form, Rowen and Rickard will come face to face with their darkest nightmares, and the truth of the red dragon from Rowen’s prophecies will be revealed.

While Ophelia finds herself taken to a palace far away and held hostage by the devilishly handsome Trinity brothers, her homeland plunges into chaos.
The king of Withrae is at war. His queen is on her deathbed.

Who will lead the Dragons as one wizard and his devious sister take the throne?
Withrae is in peril, and though Princess Noemie attempts to keep her people together, she is no match for Sir Warwick Ludlow, the wizard who wants to see the Dragon nations fall. Gavin has a mission–one Rowen asked him to complete with what may be her last breath. Find the mermaid kingdom, rescue Ophelia from the brothers who rule the Trinity Islands, and reverse the curse that plagues her people.

With the sorceress, Feyda by his side, he sets off on a journey that might very well save the entire world.

Dragon queen, Rowen is awakened from a prolonged hell, and revenge is a bitter taste on her tongue. 

When the half-blood dragon is freed from the curse of the sorceress, the battle for her life and her kingdom begins. 

The world she wakes up to is not what she remembered. But, the Dragons still hate her, her sister is still held hostage by the Trinity brothers in the human realm, and a curse still plagues the kingdom. 

One thing is quite different, however, and when she comes face-to-face with the pirate she battled once before, all is set to change. 

Dragon-kind is at stake, and so is the child of prophecy growing in Rowen’s belly. 
She’ll do anything for him, even take off her crown, and forsake her kingdom.

Wrath of the Dragons is Coming Soon!

Dragons, mermaids, and a soul-stealing pirate. Get ready for an adventure. 🗡️

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