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Dawn of the Seraphim

In a world of elves, dragons, and dwarves, Veruth was once the seat of power for humans.

Now, they toil in the mines and on The Wall as slaves for a race of elves who draw their power from the sun. Ava–a human living in the slums–knows one thing; she will not be forced into the Blood Lottery. Though she is of age to be matched with an elven suitor, her heart craves freedom. There are legends and myths about what lies beyond The Wall–tales of an ancient evil, and when it reaches out to her, there is no going back to her old life.

When she enlists the help of the rogue rebel leader, Kem, she’s faced with two paths; one leads to an elvish Royal, and one leads to the mysterious Sky Keep where magic and discovery await.

The veil has opened, and all that the humans and elves of Veruth once believed will be tested as war is declared from a kingdom far away.

After a failed attempt to escape the Sky Keep, Ava’s true purpose and path are still unknown. But, a mysterious encounter with a dragon, and strange dreams, she discovers the depths of her power and an unlikely link to the gang leader, Kem.

The Evernight king sets his sights on Veruth, and shakes the very foundation the sun elves have built their legacy upon. While he marches upon Veruth with all of the magic of his line, and the aid of the other races, there is one thing for certain.
This will be the war to change everything.