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The Chronicles of Koa

The angels who protect our realm made a treaty with vampires.
1. No human deaths.
2. Mutual exchanges of blood for monetary payment and protection.
3. Vampires must remain in the shadows of their castle clans.

Koa, a half-blood vampire works for the organization that enforces this treaty. With her enchanted sword, and thirst for vengeance, she deals justice without mercy.

Halston, a fallen angel on a quest for redemption, heads the Netherworld Division and serves as Koa’s captain.

When a demon arises from the criminal underbelly of London, eager to destroy the peace between supernatural beings and humans, Koa and Halston find themselves outmatched.

There are rumors of a prophet prince who can help, they just have to travel to an alternate universe to break him out of a supernatural prison.

Some vampires are made. One half-blood with a mysterious lineage was born to change the world.
Koa can’t seem to catch a break. A curse has forced her mother to live as a cat, an insane demon can’t wait to make her his slave, and her boss–a fallen angel will risk redemption to save her. They formed the perfect supernatural crew of agents to stop Bund, but the odds are stacked against them when a vampire king builds a new empire in England.

In the midst of a war between the humans of the mortal world, and the creatures of the Netherworld, Koa discovers the truth of her mysterious past, and finds herself torn between two men, while in the center of everything.Faced with the reality of all her returned memories, Koa is becoming more powerful than ever. Being a half-blood is hard enough, but what exactly is Koa’s other half?

One half-blood discovers her true origins as a creature the world has never seen before.

The lines have been drawn, and a war between Netherworld vampires and the vampires of this world brews as Lera attempts to overtake the Lyrinian throne. First, Koa and the crew of supernatural soldiers must survive the wrath of angels, demons, and an entity that stalks the souls of all men. 
Death himself.

When Death comes for Koa, he comes in the form of a charismatic reaper with god-like abilities.

All seems lost when half-blood vampire Koa is taken to the alternate dimension known as The Netherworld. Stripped of her enchanted sword, she is left defenseless against Judge and his quest to crown her as queen.

Halston–a fallen angel, quickly discovers that his descent into darkness has consequences that cannot be repaired–but that they also bring him immeasurable power. Such power can be used as a weapon, and a mysterious warlock would do anything to control it.

A whole new world of intrigue, magic, and danger is unlocked once Koa finally meets King Wexley Vangelis…Her brother.

When Koa learns that his heart is as black and cold as the creatures she’s hunted and killed all of her life, she finds herself torn between returning to the fallen angel she loves, and freeing her people from tyranny.

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