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The Eura Chronicles

In a magical world where fairies, elves, and dragons exist…one girl is the key to saving humanity.

Heir to the throne of a god, Lilae is one of the world’s most wanted humans. After traveling the world with her surrogate family, Lilae learns she’s being hunted. A dangerous sorcerer tracks her. Just when her magical abilities are revealed, she’s captured and enslaved in a foreign empire.

But, the handsome and charismatic emperor who keeps her captive isn’t who he seems. There is a spark that draws them together, and threatens to keep Lilae from fulfilling her sacred destiny.

A curse. A plague. The last dragon.
While Liam vows to protect Lilae and their world from a vengeful fallen god, Queen Aria does her best to preserve his kingdom for him, despite betrayal, political intrigue, and a deadly plague.

Lilae and Liam were born to be demi-gods in this epic fantasy, but even their powers aren’t strong enough against a threat from another world that they never imagined intervening.

A warrior princess. A valiant prince from another realm. A mysterious emperor who won’t let her go.

The Mithrani have awakened their forgotten god, and the entire world of Ellowen quakes beneath his thirst for vengeance. Torn by duty, and an insatiable love for the beautiful slave who slipped through his fingers, Kavien now plots against his wicked god of a father to keep her safe.

Worlds collide, and ancient mysteries are revealed as our fated heroes face battles of their own…and the traitor Sona has a secret that can change everything.

Embark on an epic adventure through the imaginative world of Ellowen, where dragons, mermaids, and mythical creatures unite to banish evil and restore the balance of their realms. Fans of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and tales by Brandon Sanderson will fall in love with this coming-of-age, high fantasy adventure.

The dragons have awakened. The battle lines are set.

The return home proves more dangerous than Lilae imagined. But, with the aid of the magic talisman, and her team of warriors, she and Liam may have a change against Kavien and his hordes of armies. However, as the Imperial forces march toward the last free realm of humans, a new threat comes to claim Lilae.

Alliances are threatened, new threats emerge, and a dark prophecy warns of a great evil that can only be mastered by one individual.

The Seer.