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Proud Mama Moment…My Son’s First Film!

The trailer for the film Jensen was in was released. It’s exciting. But I haven’t shared the subject matter of the role yet. In this film, Jensen portrays the character of a little foster child who lost his life 40 years ago.

It was a tough role for Jensen but I was by his side the entire time. I gave him little kisses, hugs, and words of encouragement whenever he was nervous. I never took my eyes off of him, and he was comfortable knowing I was right there and that everything was pretend. It was even more impactful for Jensen to understand that this little boy’s story needed to be told and that Jensen had the honor to share it with the world. Furthermore, the entire crew, other actors, and director treated Jensen like a prince and were patient, kind, and proud of his courage.

Jensen did so well and was so brave. The director was proud. I was proud. Sylvie and my dad were proud.

So here is the trailer. Please like, share, and show your support.

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