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We are at the end of 2022!! It feels like it went by so quickly, but it may have been my most transformative year yet. There were some dramatic shakeups, some disappointments, some surprises, lots of healing, and ultimately a reevaluation of my goals. I think the biggest realization I’ve had in my life is that events are not coincidental or separate from one another. Every step of the journey is a direct result of the one you’ve just taken. Sometimes new pathways open up, and you have a choice on which one you want to take. But the beautiful thing is that, neither is wrong. Either way, you’ll have an experience that enriches your life.

So there are no mistakes.

When you realize this, you take the fear out of the equation and strengthen your faith in your own capabilities.

A new door opened up for me—one that I didn’t expect to be presented with so soon. But I stepped through with open expectations and childlike wonder.

On this new path, I found that my old goals were too small. I wasn’t dreaming nearly big enough. So…expect massive reveals in 2023. I can’t wait. How was your 2022? What was your biggest revelation?

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