The Wicked Crown

The lord of the underworld wants one thing…

…the daughter to the wizard king.

As the king’s bastard, life is uncertain, but when Elise finds herself offered as a gift to the dark lord of the dead, everything changes.

When horrific creatures come to claim her, she can only rely on her newfound power and the instruction of her grandmother to protect herself.

That is–until the mysterious–yet handsome warrior who swears to protect her reveals himself. A harrowing quest for freedom, magic, and a sacred crown sends Elise down a treacherous journey of self-discovery.
The race for the Wicked Crown begins as Elise discovers the truth of her power, and the dark lord who wants her as his prize.

Elise and Destan embark on a harrowing journey to Obsura, where the dark fairies dwell, and serve as steward to an ancient artifact that can save the world from complete darkness. Though her journey for revenge has begun, Elise finds herself a student once again, but this time its in the martial arts and magic of the mysterious monks of Wusan Temple. Though Destan pledges to protect her with his life, Elise vows to no longer cower in the face of danger.

When her life and that of everyone she loves is threatened, it is her turn to make a stand, and shine in her rare form of power–a power not even the handsome demi-god or her teachers know how to control.