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Secret of the Shadow Blessed is Live!

Immerse yourself in five unique worlds by New York Times bestselling author K.N. Lee. Dive into the Academy of Lost Souls, the mystical world of A Kiss at Midnight, the reverse harem fantasy of Rune in Forbidden Magic, a flipped fairy-tale in The Red Queen, and so much more!
This limited edition boxed set includes:
Forbidden Magic
The war has ended…but the battle against the emperor of the dead has just begun.Celeste was exiled from the court of dark fae. But, when the queen of the frost faeries summons her, she finds herself betrothed to four handsome princes, and in possession of immense elemental power.

Dragons, giants, elves, and faeries unite to banish evil, but Rune–the dystopian land of the fae is a dangerous place, and when a dark secret is revealed, nothing will ever be the same. While the magic-born fight for survival, Celeste finds herself in a battle for her own heart when she meets the charismatic spirit king.

A Kiss at Midnight
In a dystopian world of fog…darkness and danger bows to the world leaders of their respective paranormal emperors.
Vampires walk amongst us. Dragons fly through the sky. Wizards and fairies brush shoulders with us on the train.

For immortal witch, Leia Grant, hiding in the shadows is her only way of survival. She’s looked pure evil in the eyes once before, and served as his slave for nearly a century.

Now, as an ancient foe searches for her, her fate may rest in the hands of three handsome supernatural warriors, and perhaps the immeasurable power she’s been denying all of her life.

The Red Queen
Graduating high-school was a piece of cake. Try surviving a college where fairies make up the cheerleading squad, doorways open to other worlds, and finals are life or death. Literally.

Welcome to Wonderland University.Iracebeth has four years until she sits on the throne as the Red Queen of Wonderland. But, four years with her arch nemesis, Alice proves to be more of a brutal eternity when her life starts to systematically fall apart. Did she have to steal her boyfriend, friends, and every hope for happiness?

For once, Beth is tired of being the perfect princess. This year, she’s going to fight back. Poor little Alice has no idea what’s coming.

Legend of Oath and Blood
Her heart belongs to another…but when a dragon heir comes to claim an ancient rite, Cailyn is called to honor her clan.
Duty and honor has reigned supreme for the Alexander family since the Dark Ages. Now, in this modern world, where tradition is shirked, Cailyn finds herself torn away from what she believed was a perfect future. Mother says she’s been promised to a dragon heir, and when he comes to claim her, she’s astounded to actually be magnetically drawn to him.

Academy of Lost Souls
They call them Starseeds…beings from different galaxies and star systems.
Eighteen-year-old Skylar is just one of them, and when the Academy of Lost Souls comes to claim her, she’s left with no choice but to train to become one of the select-few mages with mystical powers who can save the world from utter darkness.

The Academy of Lost Souls is unlike any other university. Lessons include Faery Magic, Divination, and Defense Against Dark Magic. Mages, the fae, and Starseeds are all that can put the world back together after the gods sent earth back to the Dark Ages.

But, the world could go to complete chaos for all Skylar cares, because those who dragged her to the academy kicking and screaming are the same ones who killed her parents, and a Starseed like her never forgets.

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