Crimson King is LIVE (Excerpt)

When Death comes for Koa, he comes in the form of a charismatic reaper with god-like abilities.

All seems lost when half-blood vampire Koa is taken to the alternate dimension known as The Netherworld. Stripped of her enchanted sword, she is left defenseless against Judge and his quest to crown her as queen.

Halston–a fallen angel, quickly discovers that his descent into darkness has consequences that cannot be repaired–but that they also bring him immeasurable power. Such power can be used as a weapon, and a mysterious warlock would do anything to control it.

A whole new world of intrigue, magic, and danger is unlocked once Koa finally meets King Wexley Vangelis…Her brother.

When Koa learns that his heart is as black and cold as the creatures she’s hunted and killed all of her life, she finds herself torn between returning to the fallen angel she loves, and freeing her people from tyranny.

Embark on an urban fantasy adventure where fallen angels, vampires, and demons collide in a perilous battle of good versus evil.

Reading Order:
Dark Prophet
Blood Princess
Crimson King
Reaper of Souls

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