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    Hello guys! You can now find new work on Voyce.me. Check me out there and discover new worlds that I’ve unlocked. Subscribe here.

  • Excerpt,  New Release

    An Exclusive Excerpt from The Girl with the Red Lantern!

    There was a saying that Mei’s mother used to chant every morning, just before beginning the chores of the day. As the whistling wind blew in from the lush green mountains to the west, Mei knelt before the altar. She breathed in the sweet aroma of the tall grass that shot upward across the meadows of her aunt and uncle’s property. The scent of lavender always wafted in with the morning breeze.After lighting the candles, she settled onto her knees, and whispered those words her mother passed down to her. “Ancestors, guide me, protect me, keep me safe,” she said, hoping that for once in her eighteen years, that they…

  • Excerpt

    An Excerpt from Lady and the Wolf!

    PRINCE CONALL’S LOFT was located on the top of the skyscraper.The entire top floor belonged to him, and when they walked inside, Allyn was taken aback by the amount of room. Inside, a fire burned in the center of the living room in a white, stone fireplace. A loft bedroom with a glass half-wall overlooked the lavish living space with plush sofas, glass tables, and a full kitchen.“How long are you staying here?” Allyn asked. A family of four could live in that loft, comfortably.“Just the night. I only come here when I have business in the city. I return to my castle tomorrow.” He walked over to the kitchen…

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    Secret of the Shadow Blessed is Live!

    Immerse yourself in five unique worlds by New York Times bestselling author K.N. Lee. Dive into the Academy of Lost Souls, the mystical world of A Kiss at Midnight, the reverse harem fantasy of Rune in Forbidden Magic, a flipped fairy-tale in The Red Queen, and so much more!This limited edition boxed set includes:Forbidden MagicThe war has ended…but the battle against the emperor of the dead has just begun.Celeste was exiled from the court of dark fae. But, when the queen of the frost faeries summons her, she finds herself betrothed to four handsome princes, and in possession of immense elemental power. Dragons, giants, elves, and faeries unite to banish…

  • New Release

    Lady and the Wolf is Live!

    It all started with a rumor.Witches are still lurking in the shadows. And, the Wolves are hunting them.For Allyn, such rumors are life or death. Her power is ancient, dangerous, and threatens the life she’s built. In Elastria, the Baran Clan rule, and with their wolf-shifter blood heightening their senses, its only a matter of time before her special scent is detected. When Allyn is betrayed and turned in for the Witch’s Bounty, she finds herself captive in an eerie castle where the walls whisper, the servants are peculiar, and a mysterious prince awaits. The prince will stop at nothing to have Allyn–even if it means fighting his twin brother…